Krush Groove

I am a big fan of 80’s Hip-Hop and Krush Groove is the quintessential move for all fans of this genre.  The groups in this movie are what defined Hip-Hop in the 80’s and shaped and influenced all of my favorite groups of today. With groups and artists like The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, The Fat Boys, Curtis Blow, New Edition, LL Cool J, and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde it is a must see for all and makes for a killer soundtrack to the 80’s.

Step Brothers

This is one of the most underrated comedies ever.  I am someone that just doesn’t laugh around other people, even if a movie is very funny.  But this movie had me laughing all the way. After a lot of movies I hated like Semi-Pro, Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights, and Bewitched, Will Ferrell finally redeemed himself with this beautiful masterpiece.

Jurassic Park

#Dinosaurs Yup

Back To The Future

The Back To The Future is truly a movie that no one can touch.  It is a move that has stood the test of time for over 25 years.  Even now it doesn’t seem dated. It is a movie that you show to a 80-year old or a 4-year old now they will love it. If it came out in 2015 it would still be a movie people would go crazy over.  And with the two other solid movies after it, it makes for the best trilogy ever.

The Little Mermaid

This is my favorite Disney movie.  It comes from when I was growing up and brings back memories of me growing up.  It was the 80’s frozen.

Shawshank Redemption

I know it is cliche to add this to my list, but it is on everyone’s list because it is simply a great movie for everyone.  You show me someone that doesn’t like the movie, I will show you someone that is lying.