Mr Moto Pizza


2 pieces of pizza. First was a cheese with a spicy hot sauce drizzle. The second was cheese with a light but delicious tomato sauce and bbq drizzle. Both were ok but thin and borderline soggy, would eat as a snack but I couldn’t do a whole pizza.

Crazee Burger


One of the best of the taste.  For being small and medium well it was very juicy.  Just a standard burger with the fixings but done right.  Would like to try again but rarer. Great selection of beer and cider.  What’s with the trend of odd happy hours times?  Note: a new cider place with open soon across the street.

Encontro North Park

Tuna Poke?

Really really good!  It was my favorite.  The tuna was very refreshing with a sauce that complimented it perfectly.  It may sound weird but it felt like it was something I would want to eat on a hot day, you don’t really get tuna giving you that feeling.  I don’t see it on the regular menu so that is a bummer.  The rest of the menu wants me to go back.

Cafe Calabria

Wood Fired Pizza

The best pizza of the taste.  The cheese and crust were the stars of the show.  The cheese was a great tasting mozzarella and the crust was done very well with a slight char to give it a great taste.  There were a classic pepperoni and chicken with red onion.  I opted for the chicken and onion but would personally prefer it without onions.  I liked the used a normal sauce and not a creamy white sauce for a pizza with chicken.  For a place that comes across as a coffee shop, they had great food.  Identity crisis?

Mastiff Kitchen at NP Beer Co.

Mastiff Fries

Don’t call them fries, they are potatoes skins.  But they also tasted more like chips.  They weren’t bad, I just would be confused if I ordered fries and received these.  I would like to have sampled a meat dish.

California Tap Room

Pretzel with Cheese

It’s a pretzel that doesn’t try to pull any tricks.  It was a normal pretzel ball that hit all the small things we love about pretzels.  It was warm, a great skin and a moist interior.  The cheese dipping sauce was great.  My only criticism was there was too much salt.  But that is something I say about all pretzels.  That must be my high blood pressure telling me to say that.

Lucha Libre Taco Shop

Tinga Taco

The taco looks great and tasted just as much as it looks.  I am not sure what was on it as it is not on the normal menu and the line was too busy for me to ask more questions.  Like a great sushi roll, it had a great taste for the meat and the other ingredients complimented it and not overpowered it.

Figaro Dessert Cafe

Mojito Gelato

A great gelato with a proper texture.  It wasn’t an interpretation of a mojito flavor, it really tasted like a mojito.  I actually liked the flavor better than a mojito I had later in the day.  Can I get an alcoholic version of this, please?

Venissimo Cheese

Cheddar Cheese

Forgive me for not remembering the specifics of this cheese.  It was a cheddar cheese with a sweet jam flavor to it.  I liked the sweetness combined with the sharp taste of a cheddar cheese.  They also had a great selection of cheese but staff could use a little more knowledge of what cheeses they carry. “Do you have burrata?”

Waypoint Public

Fall Farro

It wasn’t bad but not my thing at all.  I’ll pass on this the next time I visit and instead get their awesome eggs benedict.  I am sure this dish would be great for someone looking for something healthy but needs some flavor in their life.

Urban Solace Restaurant

Sweet Corn Cakes

Nope, not my thing.  This looked great but had too much going on that I wasn’t into.  The corn cake tasted like a potato pancake, and the green chorizo wasn’t doing it for me.

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