When traveling with so much stuff for work and personal it can get tough to get everything together and organized. There are a couple things that I utilize to organize my life a little better on the road.  Being organized help me not forget anything and worry what did I forget.

Thule_Crossover_25L_Backpack_thumb800Thule Crossover Backpack

A solid backpack is the most important thing to travel and organization. I hate to admit it but I am a bit of a backpack whore turned good and married this backpack.  It took me a long time to learn that I just need to spend a little more and get a great backpack that will last me years. My Thule backpack is very rugged and I abuse it but it always looks new.  AT 25L it is big enough to hold all my tools need for work and all the right pocked for everything to have its place and even have plenty of extra room some overnight clothes. The construction is a very tough waterproof fabric and they use metal fastener where they can for extra durability, plus it is backed by a 25 year warranty.  My only complaint is the lack of a tablet sleeve, but it looks like they added that in current versions.  At $100 it is a steal compared to other quality backpacks




This is a really cool organizer for my technology and cords.  What makes it great is how adaptable it is for holding all my important items and keeping my cords tangle free.



Packing Cubes

When you travel you also need to bring clothes.  These are great to prevent your cloths from becoming a mess and makes you pack more efficiently.  They are really great for short trips when I am just bringing my backpack.  It keeps my clothes together and separated from my other things.  You can bring a spare one to put your old dirty clothes in also. I even keep one in my car with a full spare outfit for those last minutes clothes emergencies or overnight stay and I can’t make it home.


herschel-supply-co-blue-the-charlie-wallet-product-1-24906816-0-661417510-normalHerschel Wallet

This wallet is great for the person that wants something simple.  I have a strong distaste for big wallets. Why do i need to have receipts from 3 years ago or a rewards card that I never use?  Plus with modern technology I don’t need that.  I can have all my credit and rewards cards on my phone and I can use that at 90% or places I go.  What I keep in my wallet is ID, a backup credit card and a little cash(dollars & pecos).  I don’t need anything else, including a bad back from a thick wallet.


Organization Apps

Igh0zt-Ios7-Style-Metro-Ui-MetroUI-Apps-Evernote (1)


Surprisingly I don’t use Evernote to take note on my phone, S Note does a much better job at that.  What I love is my Evernote Moleskin notebook.  I take notes in it and then it has stickers to tag those notes for categiries and when i take a photo of the page it organizes it in the app based on the sticker.



Besides my time wasting apps this is my most used app.  The app truly comes alive with the Note 5. My favorite features is when my phone is off I just pull out my pen and it lets me write very accurate notes and drawings on a black screen.  When a idea comes to my mind I need to get it down quick or else there is a chance I will forget about it.  Its just simple but extremely powerful.  Other great features is converting handwriting to text, shape smoothing, and pressure sensitive drawing.


Samsung Pay

This app lets me trim down my wallet.  It load my credit cards, rewards cars and gift cards on this.  What makes this different from NFC payments which are accepted at about 10% of places is a little piece of hardware called MST which lets you use it as almost any place that accepts normal credit cards and not just NFC.  To the card reader it looks as if you actually swiped a card.  Read up on it, it’s pretty cool.  Plus it’s extremely secure, there is pretty much no way to steal your credit card info and money.